Im sarojini, an architect by qualification. I ventured into drawing and type about two years ago mostly to keep my sanity. Architecture as a practise can get rather overwhelming.

Drawing came naturally to me, and was extremely meditative. Over time a bunch of people took notice and so it led to some commercial projects, social art (to explore its potential to drive change), and then graphic design, which was rather enticing. It gave more structure to the hand lettering fetish i had built along the way. Exercise in branding went a long way in my understanding of the impact of typography on people's minds as we designed logos and brand language for a couple of brands in Hyderabad

So currently I juggle between a bunch of different businesses and interests :

Design Experiment :

A 3 year multi disciplinary design firm practicing architecture and furniture design which focusses on making beautiful yet functional spaces a natural part of modern day design practice. As a design firm we have completed several projects in the city and have completed several pieces of furniture, some of which have been nationally acclaimed.




Whimaway :

An artists collective that eventually turned into a commercial practise and back to a collective again, Whimaway’s work has been featured in several newspapers and has gathered a decent following for volunteer work in the city.we did a bunch of typerventions and art installations talking about dead footpaths and overflowing garbage bins. As a commercial practise Whimaway is most know as the designers of the art work in the popular T-HUB, India's first incubation center, made by the Govt of Telangana and inaugurated by Mr.Ratan Tata. Whimaways extension into branding was my formal introduction to the importance of typeface design and its impact on the world.




And we stir:

Here is where I explore deeper into my love for food,photography, styling and drawing of course. A fellow foodie and i got together and decided we wanted to make some time on our lives, to discuss and do all things food, history, travels and cultures. This is pretty nascent, but a bunch of interesting collaborations and projects are currently cooking up for the coming year.



And we draw:

This is where most of all things art, the happen in my life and runas life is supposed to be up. The travel postcards, the calligraphy experiments, side projects etc. the blog is still underway, but you can check out our current project big+small here. Trying to explore different art styles and mediums,it's been an interesting insight into how your perspective of what you see and interpret changes with the size of your canvas.