Its amazing, what design can do, once you remove the pre conceived notions of a society built on playing safe.

Design experiment is a small design studio with big dreams. Currently juggling between projects ranging from  furniture  to housing, we are trying to figure out our niche and capacity while testing the strength of our philosophy.
"Don't do something simply cause many before us did it that way. Try to understand the context of your problem thoroughly and you'll discover your solution."
Having said that, we understand Design is an evolutionary process and there is no end as we know unless its drawn upon, because there is always a possibility for the better. 


On architecture:

We understand that every building that comes alive goes through a series of designers and is continually evolving through its life. that our buildings are primarily a means to another end and almost never an end in themselves. 
Our architecture is an attempt at improvising, the building(the act and the product), it's business and its people(their lifestyles).

check these links out, to understand our process better:


Some of our Clientele:

Akhil Akkineni

Director Teja

Prajay Engineers Syndicate Limited

Janapriya Engineers Syndicate LImited

Celebrity Hospitality Services

Creatlive Studios

Harmony Furnishings