After we are on board

Step 3 : Data and documentation

Preliminary data and site data collection. Once we procure the current drawings for your site, and have documented all the spaces needed, we create a requirements list. This list is what needs to be satisfied to make sure all our designs are going to be functional.

Example : RV, a chic restaurant in Begumpet, started off as two smaller FnB units, a restaurant and a bar. The owner wanted to combine the restaurant and bar into one large buffet centric restaurant, that 'can be a casual dining restaurant during the day, and a fine dining restaurant by night.'

 For RV this data consisted of things like the cuisine, the total budget, the operating hours, the capacity of the restaurant, the staff areas, the kitchen needs, the segments (private dining, family dining), bar requirements etc. We would formulate whatever data that you wouldn't have basing on our research and experience.


Step 4 : Brainstorming at the studio

This is where a LOT of our effort goes in as a design studio, understanding your problem, and finding the best solution for it, we try to reiterate and strive for as perfect a solution as possible, and will have gone through dozens of options before settling on one. Design according to us is majorly practiced at this level, the decoration will eventually come and will be in sync, but we are proud of the amount of importance we give to making our decisions as unique as possible.

Example : After evaluating dozens of layouts, we revolved around our idea around a few issues we have noticed with a lot of buffets in the city - The waiting, the lines that form, so instead of having the buffet arranged along the walls, and the seating in between, we brought the seating along the walls (adds more privacy) and bring the buffet to the center. Building onto this, we made a lot of decisions to maintain privacy, maintain cleanliness etc.


Step 5 : First glimpse

We need to discuss, we meet up and give you a presentation of our ideas and solutions, keeping a rough idea of the numbers. At this stage, we are making sure all of us on the right page with regards to the direction of the solution.

Example : RV presentation attachment.


Step 6a : The other guys

This is also the stage where we involve external consultants as required. The structural consultant, fire safety, kitchen etc.


Step 6b : Lets get to the drawings

After a back and forth between steps 4 and 5, we finally come down to refinement and detailing.

This is where we look into the budgets and materials and other finer details before we start making our drawings.


Step 7 : Good for construction

We make the GFC drawings to be used by the final contractors (whom you can finalize, or we will help you out with by referring to our experienced team of frequent collaborators.)

Let's start building

Step 8 : WHat does the architect do during construction

During the construction process, the architect will help you maintain the quality on site and 'drawing correctness' of the end product. There will be a person from DE who comes down to inspect the site on a regular basis and make sure that any discrepancies are resolved. Please note that the architect is not responsible to ensure that people are moving on time, unless specified exclusively in the contract. Depending on the scale of the project, the client takes the responsibility, or a supervisor is appointed to make sure things go smoothly, and on time. In large scale projects, Project managers take care of this.


Step 9 : the finishing touches

After most of the work is done, the we pay a lot of attention during the finishing stage, to ensure everything has turned out meticulously and as planned. This is the most important part of the construction phase as, anything done here would be final and unchangeable. Any type of soft furnishing or temporary finishes happen here.

After this, we are ready to move in or open up.


i still have doubts....

If you still have doubts, write us an email, or just look up our FAQ section, more detailed answers are all available here.